The Philosophy of Establishing Law
by Ryszard Matuszewski (Swami Baba Lalit Mohan G.K.)

1. Oh, how important LAW is, Good Law and putting Law into effect, because on Good Law depends the education of the whole society and future generations, and God had established Ten Rules of Establishing Law, that people has to understand properly. RTA (Rita, Ryta) is a Law Rule, the most important matter, and this Everlasting Rule of the World is formulated as the Repayment Law, the Law of Return or the Law of Punishment and Prize. The Mirror of the Soul, of Divine Mind throws on a man, what he had sowed by his acting, so by his speech, thoughts and acts. It works as well-known rule – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It’s also usually  called as God’s revenge and it’s said that God repays to everybody appropriately to his actions.

2. It means that a man creates his fate by his speech, actions and thoughts, and he’s responsible for anything that happens to him and for what he does to others, and the Repayment belongs to God, or rather to the Divine Shield of Light, an Energy of Soul, that reflects to a man his actions until it return to him as evil for evil and good for good. The Rule of Return, RTA is very precise and gives suffering to a man for suffering that he has caused, and gives pleasure for caused pleasure and means that people should reflectively learn more about themselves and others from the events of theirs life, from the flow of their fate on the Earth. God repays to everyone for his work, but also other people can consciously cause good or evil, launching the machine of Repayment Rule. Not everything that happens to us is only a repayment from what we had done to others, but also the actions of others can be the reason of what people get into their life! Blood for blood, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth rule is so much fascinating, because it teaches us that the fate, karma repays us with literally the same suffering that we had caused to others, determines our fate in very precise way and sums up the suffering we case in some amount and quality. It’s like a reflection of ACTIONS, WORDS, and THOUGHTS in a mirror, so the phrase is precise, because the mirror of the Spirit, RTA is pure, precise, and accurate. Phrases (creations) refer to the state of our Mind, imagination, thoughts, and everyone sees that a man soon becomes like this, what he hates among others, what is only a little internal contribution of the Law Rule, and the people for regulating social life must learn rules of establishing Law, so it could fit to Reality and Justice. People of Law, and codes, happen to be embroiled and imprecise, that instead of Justice we observe wickedness and Wickedness of Judicature is the worst Prostitution, the Betrayal of God and dark, evil warp of any spiritual culture. The Rule of Repayment means, that karma must be adequate to the act and can not cross this, what was caused to others as evil. Practically it means slavery for slavery, confiscation and compulsory work for theft, rape for rape, so castration for rape, fear for fear, violence for violence, robbery for robbery, obviously in humanitarian conditions. The punishment must be adequate to the victim’s suffering. Soon repayment of literally the same act as the person has done is RITA, the Law of Repayment. Who had taken tributes, will have to pay tribute as well, because according to the Divine Law, one day he must be punished. And who had stolen should be punished by the confiscation of property and if it happens not to be enough he should be punished with compulsory work until he repays the value of stolen property and until the evil he had caused to others is compensated. There is no sense in keeping someone in prison and make him a living from money coming from taxes. It’s reasonable that thieves should work for everything they had stolen and it’s the only way of paying one’s debt and of upbringing personality to the mature state, in which a man can live because of the work of his own hands. Beating for beating, which is punished with flogging in many countries, what fits to the Rule of Return and it’s reasonable, because if someone feels the pain he had caused to others the one will understand how frightening experience which tortures are. However unfair punishment causes the will of revenge so judicature shall be pure and crystal in it’s deep recognition.

3. The Law of Repayment is implacable and if we leave a man alone with his bad act, if we forgive him, than for sure one day he will experience the same what he has done to us. And it happens in several realization cycles, 3-yeared, 7-yeared, 12-yeared or 30-yeared, and the thing depends on Angels of Divine Punishment, Lipika Angels, and Spirits of return, which lead unloading of Fate accumulation . A punishment can fall down only on caused suffering and appropriately to the quality and quantity of it (DUHKHA), so if someone slaps one’s face so he looses his teeth than he causes sowing of return to himself, which will bear fruits and cause a situation when such person will be slap in his face and loose teeth, suffering similarly as his victim from previous years. This is the way of driving whole karma drama that we get what we previously sowed, and we create for ourselves, what we’ll get one day, what will fall on us in appropriate time. If we hadn’t imprisoned somebody in a cage, making a slave, than a fact of our imprisonment is never just. Only for imprisoning others we can be kept imprisoned according to the Law of Repayment. It means, that arrest commonly used in many countries is total and harmful injustice! That is why countries of the West become a fallow of terrible injustice, because all harm and suffering is being stupidly converted to the years of prison, what is totally senseless and expensive for society of honest people. A paradigm of punishment, repayment must be modified to the standard of Everlasting Divine Law. A person who doesn’t pay alimony, undoubtedly shouldn’t be kept in prison, but obliged to work for his own children. There is no point or aim in paying for keeping such person in prison. It’s rather a thievish robbery on whole society if we take their money to keep somebody in prison or in arrest!

4. We should put en end to unjust judicature by changing the paradigm of thinking and recognition. A Judge must recognize harm and suffering of a victim, and a punishment should be like similar harm of suffering or a thing that it closest to God’s heart – satisfaction to all harms, improvement. If a cow of Pawlak causes a harm on the field of Kargul, than the cow shouldn’t be killed nor Pawlak should be imprisoned. Pawlak should give some cereal to Kargul, appropriately to the harm value. And also some payment should be provided for the Judge and Law executors for the service of pricing the harm. If Pawlak doesn’t want to improve the damage by himself, he should pay all costs referring to pricing and improving it! Keeping Pawlak in prising on the cost of tax-payer- Kargul in an absurd of irreligious judicature, which is unreasonable in this case. Everything reversible should be improved immediately and satisfied immediately, than it causes restrain of karma Repayment. Satisfaction restrains the Sword of Repayment if only it’s not too late, because when the Sword of fate begins to fall down, nothing can stop it and the Repayment must be done. Every thief of others property should have opened credit account to repay everything he had stolen, and also the costs of chasing and placing him. And obviously if he doesn’t want to work, he should have guarantied compulsory public work for the society to repay all his debt. It’s quite easy because cities are dirty and there is plenty of work based on cleaning, so there is enough work for everyone, the same as other public works for the society! We should consider simple and easy cases to punish in the Spirit of Divine Law the same as more complicated and hard cases. If somebody causes a fight and hurts someone’s spine bone, so the person must move on a wheelchair than the perpetrator should provide medical care and wherevital for his victim and pay him rent. Creating a fund for victims, where all people who permanently hurt somebody would pay, seems to be a good idea. It would decrease the number of permanent harms, because a refusal of paying would mean compulsory work for the good of society. Work enriches and ennobles a man; inaction and idleness of lawbreakers is the most terrible and demoralizing thing. Especially because there is plenty of work everywhere. Trash cleaning is a problem of every town and in public service many of lawbreakers should basically do it. Publicized arrest often of innocent people, long investigations lasting for years are demoralizing. This practice must come to an end, an arrested have to be judged in one month time with a valid sentence of court. Than real lawbreakers should be publicized, not protected with a shadow of secrecy. A first punishment from God is a warning and it should be publicized so the local society would know who steals, robs, rapes or murders. People can be aware of a thief if they can recognize him, and the fear from public moral censure in a society, where the thief has lived will keep many people away from harmful activeness, more than long-lasting prison or return to anonymous city, where he can hide his bad activeness. Every society has the right and must  know that in their block lives a thief, rapist, pedophile or a robber! Than activeness of many of them will come to an end, when in the city down hall, facing all local society, they will have to ask for forgiveness and promises improvement. This is the way of practice in advanced human or angelic societies the same on Earth and on higher planets. Steja, thieving must be especially publicly punished, because parasitism pauperizes whole society and everyone who has been proven o steal, should be convicted to complementary public works or to return stolen property, and the collection of stolen property should contain also he property of thief’s family. Steja is social pauperization, because nonetheless a thief robs his victims, the more hi pauperizes on the cost of honest citizens by staying in prison. If he had to work each day as many hours as he has free time, than he would return all the value he had stolen, including court costs, and that would be good rehabilitation! Lack of rehabilitation, which is a paper fiction, very harmful socially – is a pathology of the Justice system. Activities improving the culture and morality level should be a daily rule for everyone staying in prison, because they tend to be dangerous for the society, for the life and health of the others. A robber which is hard to control, not to cause more problems, which is harmfully aggressive, should bound to a total rehabilitation and recognition if he is generally able to live in the society. And sadism or psychopathy is the matter or rather moral improvement and a field for psychological-psychiatric therapy. Criminal robbery should be compulsory treated, so the person who bounds to such moral and leading to understanding therapies, could overcome these tendencies. It’s obvious that intensive therapeutically realizing influences, music or dance activities, singing activities or the art of unloading aggression, reduce the risk of recidivism, and a long lasting prison in a cage, isolation in cells only decreases aggressive tendencies. The need of improving harms to the victims of robbery beating and repaying their treatment until total repayment of this bill, the obligation of compulsory works, total rehabilitation are very effective medicine for robbery pathology. Pedagogical practice shows that among aggressive classes, physical games on the base of boxing eliminates in practice aggressive excesses outside the ring and honourable boxing sparring. Than why don’t we use this knowledge for him therapy of pathologically aggressive units?  Education is a half of rehabilitation success, and this must consist of Study, Therapy and Work. Because the work is always socializing for majority of people from the social margin. Keeping people away from closed cages, but stigmatizing and publicizing legally ruled crimes and misdemeanors and the necessity of improving harms caused to others and the work for their good. That’s the Law.

5. Law in it’s spiritual, mystic meaning of the Culture of East, Eurasia, is Rta or Tao and both words, Indian Rta and Chinese Tao (Dag), mean the Rule of Return, the Law of Repayment. Jesus Christ or Buddha had expressed the Law by these words: “As you sow, so you will mow”. The act, including thought and word, is a sowing, which causes appropriate effects, likely to the Evil, that we cause to others, to animals and nature, and as a return, repayment we get appropriate dose of harm and suffering. There are still people in the world who harm others or destroy the nature, animals or plants, and there are still suffering people, harmed, but some also experience the return of what they had done previously with a thought, word or an action. And some f them suffer undeservedly, and the return is still to  fall on their tormenters. Law, Good Law, Rta (Tao) as Buddha or Moses used to say, gives back to everyone according to his actions, according to the harm and suffering than a Bad man caused to Good, Innocent one. Rta functions in ruthless cycles of time, creating human’s fate appropriately to his life, treating others, the strength of harming and negative tendencies. While recognizing the philosophy of establishing Law on Earth we should consider it all, although the Angels, Master of Karma (Fate) known as Lipika Deva for sure see to best the best candidates for booking bad acts and preparing good, effective and adequate fate for a lawbreaker. Prepared punishment, for definitely Bad units, pathologically Bad, should contain maximally whole range of their bad activeness and be comprehensively improving. Unfortunately western ideas about keeping people in cages called prisons, in stillness, in frowst and isolation only worsens the state of imprisoned, causing the decrease of aggressive crime. Crowd and isolation always causes the growth of aggression and the degradation of often doubtable intelligence, what only worsens the state of every single prisoner, which after leaving prison is much more worse, malicious and  craftier than before imprisoning, especially this long lasting one.

6. A method of public stigmatizing the lawbreaker, checked in many countries, by announcing it in press and medias, and the necessity of compulsory work for the society, the work socially useful or the work directly for the victim until he repays the value he had stolen or damaged, which takes place in civilized mediations, is much more effective and prevents from recidivism, renewing crimes and lawbreaking life, especially of minor thieves and robbers living from minor, but often thefts and robberies. Obviously punishing a lonely mother without  money for living or job, only because she steals in the shop the food for hungry baby is a flagrant demoralization of the judicature. In such cases we should punish politics ruining the places for work and the social care with their senseless decisions or ideas. Hungry should be fed, the better with the method- a meal for at least a minor work or thing to do, One day of work a week for the society and the possibility of daily eating to the full throughout the whole week for jobless or homeless people should be the rule to realize the just system of establishing law in the country.

7. Leaving homeless and hungry, jobless people in the name of deceptive profit from high taxes and high social insurance causes the criminalization among whole society. Hungry children from early years of their life learn to steal in order to survive another day of their wretched life. And still they learn  pathological  predatory attitude to gain any funds, to have a warm place to live during winter. If the authority leads millions of people to such state, than it’s a predatory power, which does  a robbery on the society and such authority should be isolated from the society confiscating everything it has stolen. The right to work is a life basic of every person in his society as an inalienable basic human right and it must be respected and available for everyone also there, where taxes are low, unemployment generally doesn’t exist and the whole country is rich. It’s easy for the few units left, truly parasitic and psychopathic it’s to realize, control and reeducate on the Good Way of Law, Probity and Justice. This Rule is very simple and clear but requires the change of the country paradigm in the direction of anti-fiscal self-government. The less crimes are committed among countries where taxes are paid only by rich people from their firms and property, and in such countries where taxes are paid voluntarily. Than disappears at least the whole group of pseudo-crimes called fiscal crimes.

8.  Actually we have only three kinds of crimes according to the law written on Emerald Tables as the Law and Rules of God and it should be considered while analyzing ach case. First group is killing, mutilating, physical torturing, rape, compulsion, robbery, so any Hinsa done by predatory act. Second group is any falsity or fraud, beguilement and exploitation based on lies and untruth, so Asat. The third group is Steya – any theft, exploitation and robbery, also this one made by criminal fiscal officials, picking to high taxes and measuring unjust and unreasonable punishments to the people, although the Divine Law doesn’t provide at all any fiscal taxes or credits or usury, which is a total thieving.  High taxes were paid even in antiquity for activities doubtfully moral like hazard games, stunning remedies (alcohol, hashish) or from services such like prostitution or abortion. This could indeed be allowed in the country, because if prostitution is an untaxed profitable business, than every normal citizen shall feel harmed if he must pay huge tax from his activity of selling the parsley an imaginary fine leading straight to a suicide.

9. Sacred Rule of Repayment, described by Folk Wisdom with formulas such like: “ Like the Jacob to the God, so the God to the Jacob”, or “As you lay your bad so you must lie upon it”, or “An eye for an eye, the blood for the blood”.  These proverbs clearly show that the Law of Repayment is the Law of Karma, Revenge, Retaliation. We have to realize that in the world we are living the Law of Revenge is always present. Justified Repayment reaches every man and people can not demand a punishment for a man, who has already been punished by fate in the process of living with appropriate suffering from appropriate harm, disease, mutilation or lost. We can say that Rta is a Wise Divine Revenge, which takes care of a possibility of experiencing everything we caused to the others. Explaining and realizing the Revenge, in Semic-Persian areas called Muntagim could have great educational value, because it shows the Universal Justice, no matter of any human institutions called the justice administration, which in practice has no educational and rehabilitation ability for degenerated units of the society. The operation of decreasing the almond body among dangerous psychopaths, it’s cheaper and more economical operation, and much more effective than expensive keeping such persons as “dangerous” in various, special prisons and crime departments.  Similarly a rapist after castration becomes a harmless eunuch. 

10. The problem is the fact that 30-40% of mistakes when adjudicating the punishment for people allegedly guilty committing some crimes, because it means that among 10 punished about 3-4 is totally not guilty. Mistakes are today use as a main argument for total abolition of death penalty. It seems reasonable that honourable suicides, euthanasia of people who have extremely long lasting sentences of imprisoning like life sentence, is very advisable, humanitarian and economic for the society. It’s interesting that the percent of people innocently convicted covers with the percent of the people among society, who easily can be psycho-manipulated because of their very weak psyche, and they can be easily persuaded of events that had not taken place, and for them would seem real. Because of this, we have a sort of lawbreakers, produced by clever police and prosecutor’s agents, who after many years realize that they weren’t guilty and hadn’t anything to do with a crime.

11. From Penal codes should disappear any articles referring to so called insult, defamation, especially of the organs of governments, because they tie the Freedom of Word and Speech, and also seem to be the tool of political. Repressions of inconvenient citizens or units of totally different worldview. Also many proximal or oversensitive people almost paranoid can easily use articles of insult for the fight with their adversaries, and that should be the matter of compromise and apologies in civil process. In ancient Greece for verbal insult and defamation, a person was called for public dispute on marketplace and if he couldn’t prove his arguments, he was publicly laughed and booed, what is absolutely enough as a reprimand and lesson of responsibility for Spoken Word and it’s compliance with Truth. Everyone should has the right to talk what he thinks about government and it’s organs without any repercussions  like prison punishment, and civilized countries are already reaching it. As far as restrain if speech is a known virtue, forcing it is a crime against the Freedom of the Word, the Basic Civil Freedom!

12. Punishing for the refusal of military service is another medieval legal absurd, because it’s a punishment for the refusal of killing people and for committing murders. Such attitude should be popularized, socially praised and popularized, and military service should be totally voluntary activity, for volunteers and professionals until the boards or law defending from other countries is justified and necessary. Restricting penal repressions or really indispensable minimum which is the life, health, property and safety  protection, the return to basic rules of Divine Law connected with education of children and youth in the field of Ethics and Law with simultaneous realizing endangered areas, that all can make miracles! In Japan we notice 11 times less people imprisoned than in USA and there is much more safer than in American “eldorado” , where prisons are expanded, and more punishments of prison are provided. Among 100 thousands prisoners in Japan we have 1 million 100 thousands of prisoners in USA and a total growth of crime in American “democracy”. As you can see education promoting, undoubtedly proven guilt, refreshing penalty code by cancelling hundreds of unreasonable principles is a return to normality of the society and the safety growth, especially if every homeless gets some accommodation, a small room with a toilet (instead of prison cell), where you can safely and calmly live, and one meal a day so he wouldn’t die from hunger, and that costs not much the whole society, which still pays minor taxes of 3% or 7% rate…

13. However Japan is a country, where every citizen is both a Sintnist and Buddhist, and both these cultures of higher sort, promote studying and understanding the Law in it’s human and divine dimension. Where the Law of Repayment is known, Tao, there the man is more responsible for his words, acts and thoughts, apart from Bad Thought, Bad Conviction or Malicious Thoughts or Assessments. Appropriate Thinking leads to Appropriate Speech and Actions, and whole human unit is Complaisant and Harmonized with Everlasting Divine Law, with Sacred Rta (Rita), and he’s not bound to Divine Revenge or Repayment from Heavens for own thoughts, words and actions. Good thoughts is higher optimism and better hope, and optimists live longer from nature and are healthier, and they cope better with life. These all are advantages of upbringing in higher than European or American ethic and spiritual culture, and Buddhist tradition comes from bramin India as one from religious cults of Vishnu, whose incarnation was Buddha Lord as so called Avatar!

14. Eastern conception – of settlement cities or exile areas for extremely treating lawbreakers and notorious recidivists I it’s one of the best penitentiary ideas of ever, if connected with compulsory work and upbringing by work, ladled from the conception of heavenly expulsion, exile from Paradise. It’s commonly known that only a week spent in a cell, in isolation among few persons or alone, disturb psyche functioning, the moral judgment, increases aggression and auto-aggression leading to mutilation and suicides, so using the imprisonment as a punishment, specially long lasting one should not take place at all. Much better is an exile to bigger desert island, where you have to plant own crops to stay alive, and which you can not leave. Except from already mentioned disturbances, among prisoners of cages appear dementia, decrease of hearing, disturbed space orientation and disturbed self-rating, escalation of sadism and cruelty, what shows, that it’s a system leading too the growth of pathology, not to liquidation or decrease of it. The life on the cost of society is very demoralizing and destroys any moral rules that lawbreakers had possessed before they went to prison. Not prisons, but the work institutes with profitable production of compulsory work should be built, so the social reduction of real felons could take place and a man could become fully valuable unit in the society.

15. According to the Everlasting Law, we can punish a man, who hurts others by his act, so if the suffering has been caused or a harm done. Punishment is a punishment for a concrete, specific harm, so we can’t punish only because of breaking some rule if nobody was harmed. Refusal of military service or offending president or burning the national flag are acts that don’t hurt anybody, obviously unless a person burns his own flag and only expresses his own views – he has to have a guaranteed right and civil freedom to do it.

16. It’s the highest time to end with repressive penal law and it’s various unreasonable principles similarly unreasonably used. An ordinary civil pragmatism demands that a man who soils shall be punished with compulsory cleaning, and who steals should work for the value of a stolen thing. And those, who insult others can only be criminally branded and insulted or punished with multiple public apologies and nothing more. It’s elementary civilizing of law system, which otherwise turns in the direction of corruption and repressions. Obviously the judicature should be independent from the influence of political and administration government, because it’s contemporary submissiveness to various unlearned politics makes the position of a judge or prosecutor a little bit funny and unserious. Removing funny, unreasonable and corrupt principles in penal code and the liquidation of political country administration  on the political system of judicature must be a basis for reforming or rather civilizing medieval justice administration with it’s bastilles, which already French Revolution  tried to ruin as unnecessary and harmful tools of repressing hungry and poor society.

17. Carefulness of judicature in family cases, where wives usually ordinary insult their husbands of violence on them and their children, of alleged rapes, sometimes in absurd way only in order to get rid of a husband from home and live with a lover, should be great and even turn into intuitional, wonderful sense. There’s plenty of fathers harmed by wives, who stay innocently in prisons and arrests, and criminal law totally unreasonably takes care of cases which should be the item of interest of family psychologist or family court, in character of divorce case. Society shouldn’t also pay for keeping lawbreakers in prisons, because for example aliments are about 300-500 PLN per month, and the cost of keeping a man refusing to pay aliments is 1500 PLN per month or even more. So imprisoning of these persons is a robbery on the society. Five times cheaper option is to fund aliments and register if a person works and than take the appropriate amount of money, considering carefully, with the help of genetic resources if he’s a father of such children for sure. Many fathers leaving their wives or families are units instinctually feeling that they’re not creators of their children, and the amount of fathers bamboozled in fatherhood is about 30% in Europe, the most by the first child, and some by next ones. Psychological aversion to the child gained in such way from a wife is justified in such cases and hard to overcome, that’s why processes of aliments should start with totally modern genetic researches that establish without any doubts the matter of fatherhood. However the obligation of paying for children among equality of rights should be equal for a mother and father! Both parents are responsible for upbringing or their children.

18. Today we make a lot f noise when hunting hashish or marihuana, which in comparison to cigarettes and alcohol are less addictive and much more harmful, because alcohol destroys and kills neurons and cigarettes bring cancer epidemics, while marihuana is an anti-stressful and analgesic medicine. Instead of huge expenses on hunting, punishing and imprisoning the traders and consumers of cannabis the legalization of them would be enough, because is a huge tax profit and the weakening of drug monopolist’s consumption, so alcohol and cigarettes. Indians considered tobacco as harmful and demonic narcotic herbs, which accompanies to fanaticism, aggression, weakens the hidden instinct of killing and is a sign of the war alliance. According to the Muslim culture alcohol is a Satan’s and evil forces beverage, pointing to neurological degradation of unreasoning and passive drinkers and their aggression and ability to violence. The worst crimes are and were committed under the influence of alcohol and nicotine, the reason of which is oncological business , the whole endemicity of cancer. Every 100 gram of spirit drunk in any form, even in the beer or wine, kills 1800 neurons in the brain and unable, blocks the regeneration, production of new nerve cells in hippocampus of brain, and here all kinds of dementia begin! In comparison to these narcotic pests, cannabis products like marihuana or hashish are light products  improving the humour of antidepressant and pain reliving effects. Legalization of such king of products, used since ages in Europe, Asia and America, and taxing them, would bring a real profit and social progress the same in health and law field! And the fact that drug department and some prisons would be unnecessary, so the social profit, because where these products are legally available, mafias weakens, because they loose the source of profit, HIV disappears and globally decreases the amount of drugs, and the society becomes richer and more civilized in any way.

19. Praying for Just and Honest Law and for Probity is one side of the work, the fight for the Law, and he second is educating people and promoting ideas and conclusions to any member of parliament or senators and the judge of the higher instance or the Ministry of Justice, this is the second issue of the fight for Good Law and return the Order on Earth of the heavenly measure. The simplest rule that is used by Anglo-Saxon judicature is summing all punishments for several crimes, as far as they restrict Freedom or are financial punishments, and it means that a man who had committed more crimes is punished much more severely, what makes the rule worthy using in every law, order and justice system. Rta word means exactly the Order, the Rule of Ordering and bringing the social Order. One rule for Lipika Angels and it’s enough to live with it and use it, so any more principles could be necessary. Where is no wisdom, there are hundreds of complicated paragraphs and where is no Understanding there are also thousands of conflicting paragraphs. To the Divine Wisdom one Rule of Justice is enough, one Law of Repayment, to use is honestly for every people in any Age of World Existence, in all of Four Great Yugas, all of 14 Manvantaras. In Kali Yuga that already we have – the Law is the most necessary, but also the Rule of Just Repayment is often drastically broken, because prison may be used only  for prison, for fettering others. Divine Order provides alienation of the society, which means a dismissal to other world, never a detention is small cage, and what’s worse – on the cost of society!

20. A sojourn in prison should be paid from the money of those, who agree with such way of punishing thefts or car drivers for causing accidents. Compulsory work and settlement in profitable but closed area, so educational work and courses, study or reeducation in order to coming back to the society is cheaper and what more – very profitable. The system of compulsory settlement and compulsory work is the best of all penalty-repressive systems and today it can be commonly used in much more civilized humanitarian way. The rule a day without work – a day without food, perfectly teaches majority of thefts ad lawbreakers. Especially thefts living ladling from government posts should pay their debt with honest work to the whole society for it’s well-being, development and profit. The socially useful work educates, brings up, socializes and develops and antisocial, parasitic units should be socialized to be reeducated and civilized finally. However keeping somebody in a prison cage for causing tragic traffic accident is only an increase of this tragedy and destroys the family of the driver, not a punishment at all. The necessity o work and satisfaction for the family of accident’s victim would be appropriate punishment , fitting to the rule of Satisfaction of the Harm, because this is a basis of creating the fate while Lipika Angels try to create our Fate!

21. If a man who commits the crime does a Satisfaction by himself, so his victims are satisfied, nobody else has a law to punish him any more, because where the harm is satisfied there doesn’t function the Law of Repayment and God makes no Revenge.  Temida can’t be blind nor thoughtless and the rule of ransoming from punishment should be omnipresent in Law, because the Satisfaction should satisfy harmed, and the punishment can not repress the whole society with it’s costs. Judges must be intelligent people, who really adjudicate arbitral disputes and conflicts, so the sides of a conflict or dispute realize appropriate solutions and agreements by Mediation. Obviously this task would be simpler by deep meditating and focusing on Om Tam! For sure only focusing on Rtam, Rta or Tao or on Muntagim would lead Judges to the appropriate direction during a court case and while negotiating the appropriate Satisfaction or appropriate Punishment!

22. A man can’t be tormented for years in so called investigation under any kind of pretences. Closing investigations in one week or month time and standing in front of the judge immediately in order to pass a sentence must be a rule of Justice and probity. Next court cases must take place on the next day and not more seldom that once a week until passing the sentence in a case. The possibility of long lasting keeping in arrests is a political weapon used for tormenting incorrigible politically, inconvenient businessmen, ecologists, and can not take place at all in any way. The efficiency of justice administration lies in it’s effective and reasonable rapidity. Judicature must also try to admit making mistakes while recognizing the guilt and learn to reasonably Satisfy Innocent people, who were arrested, so the cassation was really a Liberation!

23. Putting an end  to so called chronic investigations undoubtedly will civilize the whole system of justice administration, and keeping people without a sentence can not be used instead of punishing, especially if there are no grounds for standing in front of the court. Arrest,  imprisoning is never reasonable. Variety of penal-discipline methods, especially based on improvement and satisfaction of a lawbreaker for his victim, and also on compromise, mediation and Forgiving by the victim is undoubtedly a huge stage from medieval repressiveness, which reminds rather unreasonable acting of the whole crowds, to humanitarian improvement, education and rehabilitation of pathological units. If among 100 thousands prisoners there is only few hundreds of people considered as dangerous for the society, that means that for safety improvement actually only  the most dangerous units are the real danger and only they should be isolated from the society and even from the prison society, so they could not influence other or give a bad example.  In facet only almost 1/10 or less among actually imprisoned or arrested should b punished this way, and the rest should be reeducated in other way – humanitarian and civilized. But will all interested in well-paid work in prison people want to let the whole medieval, unreasonable, based on dark principles penal system to civilize?

24. there is plenty of work enough for everybody. It’s enough to lower taxes, or liquidate them in part, at least these from he poorest part of society, because there is no sense in pouring from empty to the void, and making the prestige of a citizen-businessman dependant on the value of incomes he pays to the village cashbox, among they society he lives in, and makes his business. The economy and whole system becomes immediately healthier, because it’s like a basic, the same as taxing morally and ethically doubtable activities as prostitution, abortion, drugs or littering with products like plastic wrappers, so they wouldn’t be economical or profitable any more! It’s enough to establish one minimal rate of payment for the social care, which could be bought according to the will of every citizen, and the problem of illegal work would disappear, because the insurance is a private decision of every free man.  Plenty of freedom means plenty of work for every man and liquidation of pathological areas friendly to criminalizing. Low taxes is plenty of investments, businessmen never escape from  tax paradise, the easiness in creating places of work and companies, so profits for everyone. Only stupid people or robbers don’t want to civilize and rationalize the whole national system, which could be a civilized country of law and probity, of a great Order like Divine Miracle. Probably only mass praying for civilizing, humanizing of the Country and it’s law system is so far the only weapon of the progress. 

25. Progress and Justice are the most needed Ideals for Realizing in Life, and the best Law Code that God has left is Decalogue, both in Christian, Buddhist of Indian edition, where the original of emerald tables is supposed to be, and it means that only five Rules is a Human Law Code, because 5 rules left are Mystically-Spiritual Rules, not Ethically-Moral. An emerald can b a perfect contemplation talisman for every Judge as a symbol of Emerald Tables of Moses Law and also as a rock of energy that makes aura for good,  reasonable decisions and recollections. It’s said that who carrier the Emerald talisman on his neck, the one reflects to others all that should fall on  them according to Divine Law, because of their bad acts, words and thoughts. Temida Goodies, usually wearing beautiful purple, amethyst attire, because it’s a color of Order and Justice, so the attributes of Saturn, Sani, the planet symbolically and energetically ordering the fat. As far as prison sentences are concerned, longer than 30 years, what makes a Saturn cycle (Sani Yuga), shouldn’t take place at all, because they are senseless from the karma reduction point of view, or the safety of reeducation. There is no sense in reeducating an unrepairable unit for so long time, and optimal cycles prepared for improvement and reeducation of these naturally long, is Martian cycle of change lasting about 15 years, and also dragon’s cycle, so  a Dragon Moon year lasting about 19,5 year (19,6 of a year). Two decades is very long period of time, if it’s fulfilled with the punishment of education and work, reeducation or therapy, it always gives effects, because is a social and upbringing cycle, leading to psychical and mental maturity and responsibility for oneself and own life. Majority of lawbreakers are units of immature personality, unable to building strong relationships or to taking up responsible social roles. In order to become mature and personality correction they should be reeducated and undergo a therapy.

26. Jupiter cycle is 12 years, bog cycle of Mars is 15 years, Dragon year is 19,6 years so almost 20, Saturn cycle is almost 30 years (about 29,5 years). It the epicenter of expulsion time for work for the society and reeducation would oscillate among these periods, than the improvement process of even the worst units would be  sharp, but reeducated persons can not be closed in narrow cages, but rather in big, but isolated, complexes of big life space, work supervision and the therapy. Ancient rules of Probity and Justice used also the rule of Expiration after 7 years time for the majority of crimes from the moment of committing them, because later the Divine Revenge for sure starts making  a Return, Repayment for the lawbreaker and a man has no right to deputize God’s hand and 7 years is a time of rebuilt, change of all cells of human organism, so a man can bound to self-reparation from his own will, because f inspiration of his own mind. Self-punishing was also used, as settlement in so called cities, areas of Gateway, if a person settles there from his own will and announces it to the Justice administration. Such self-exploitation without possibility of leaving the city, Gateway zone, is very good legal solution and the possibility of controlling such people, who had committed even very hard crimes. In ancient high civilizations such for of self-punishment was approved especially for killers. Well-established law has to punish, forgive, satisfy because if I’m a victim, but I forgive to the lawbreaker, so what’s the reason of punishing him if a victim had forgiven his guilt? The Law of Forgiving and Law of Satisfaction are Rule for the morality guards.

27. It’s very strange, even incomprehensible, than in Christian countries the law doesn’t use rules of satisfaction or forgiving, although it’s well-known and practiced in Buddhist or Muslim countries, where when a family of a killed man forgives the murderer than the justice administration renounces from inflicting a punishment on the base of Forgiveness Law. Similarly in case of voluntary improvement of the harm, satisfaction, that satisfies the victim of the crime. Purple wear of Temida Goodies helps in Liberating, Forgiving and Satisfying, and black wears of demons of injustice determine the hellish ruthlessness and thoughtlessness,  where today all punishing for the crimes based of worldview are called inquisition, the crimes coming from believes or personal ideals. Purple wear and noble Emerald with Five Yamah Rules for the moral improvement of humanity is very necessary. Five moral rules, interpersonal rules, are five bans of making evil, that leads to suffering and unhappiness of other creatures, people and nature. Emaciating of humanity is emaciating of nature, because air or water pollution, forests destroying and also destroying and poisoning of a human creature. Diamond on a forehead is a symbol of feeling, seeing the Truth, which is honesty, sincerity, these must be moral features of Judges, who should recruit from people over 30 years old, without any addictions, of appropriate morality and chosen y the society, by local society on the post of a Judge. Only after such procedure a honest, moral person should be practically educated for 3 years as a Judge over the society. Mystical experiencing of divine Judgment would be very useful, but the function of Shahid, Truth and Judgment Guard can not be guarantied to every willing person. Obviously the Self-Governing of Judges and the society must have the right to remove unmoral person form the post of a Judge. People who finish law studies accidentally shouldn’t have possibility for becoming Judges without acceptation of local society, by working people of cities and villages!

28. In practice, the best judges were always the eldest of a village or town. People of great experience and justice, honest people although unlettered sometimes. Correctly shaped, objective conscience, honesty and prodigy of character makes a man a good Judge, not religious fundamentalism of ayatollahs or inquisitors, nor the law studies and the help of lawyer’s family. Eligibility of judges is a very important rule of a country of Law and Justice, no matter of administration authorities or political government, that’s the second rule of independence. And collegiality of judges holding up Trinity of Gods – Judges is the third important matter. A judge should listen to the voice of the society, not just stand by raw principles of the law – that’s the fourth important subject, because it’s not right to execute the death penalty on a man who after spending 15 years in prison tend to be totally rehabilitated and metamorphosed, and who even got married to a person that had found her love in him, just because a lawyer was late with another appeal supported by thousands of honest people, protesting for liberating reduced for 15 years lawbreaker! Such cases show the system of sick, soulless, dead and stupid principles, where is no place for Good, Truth, where is no Justice, and it is the picture if contemporary, allegedly Christian America, USA, where such kind of horrors takes place almost every day. And the amount of court mistakes during adjudicating the death penalty is the biggest in the world, despite advanced technique and technology. Undoubtedly the Judges, which would be voted from the society of well-known citizens, of appropriate morality and authority, have much bigger social authority, respect and discipline than unknown persons, or what’s worse – young, without any life experience in practice, to be able to adjudicate in complicated cases of interpersonal problems and misunderstandings. Psychology of conflicts should be the basic classes that a judge should learn, recognize and study.

29. Understanding the Repayment Law, so the Rule of Punishment as the highest Law of Nature or Divine Law, creating human fate, human destination, is deep, almost mystically-philosophical matter, but also Recognition is there in the field of mystics and religion basis, not in the area demanding devotion or God’s gifts, what makes it a Rule available for every inquiring and exploring Mind. It’s only about studying stories, pictures and commentaries of Law Master’s wisdom, to understand the essence of Establishing Law and than responsibly move in the area of several cases and situations. Obviously the contemplation of Temida Goodies  or Deity like Varuna Deva, who’s an Angel, a Guard and Master of Divine Law of Repayment. It’s very helpful to get and understand well the Spirit of Order and Justice and understand the rule of Divine Revenge, Return, Repayment in creating way, so the punished person could experience the fate he had caused to his victim. It’s the most important when Varuna Angels, Lipica Deva create a fate to a man from the matter of this, what he had created by his acts, words and thoughts because so deeply Lipica and Varuna Deva Lord and his Divine Court commands a man with his sight. Just blind learning principles by heart doesn’t authorize anybody to deliver  judgments. But Conscience well-shaped in Probity, that has understanding and sense of either a lawbreaker or victim, makes of a man the real Judge and lets him to be the Law Guard like Jozue in Bible and his successors.

30. RTA (Rita, Ryta) is approachable by deep contemplation and meditation, and people intuitionally Just and law-abiding live in every society under the Sun, because Rta, the Law is a Rule creating whole existence and fate. Rta is Law like Greek Fate, the Law of Fate based on previous life, tendencies, acts, words and thoughts. If a man opens to Divine Law, the pure essence of Law, Rta so Dharma will appear in his Heart and manifest by human Mind and Action. First affirmative attempts of opening in this direction and deepening  the matter, can come through deep identification with few simple thoughts:

“I’m the Unity with Everlasting Divine Law!” Om Rtam
“I’m uniting with Divine Law!” Om Rtam
“I’m the Perfect Divine Law!” Om Rtam
“I’m Everlasting Good Law! I am, I am I am the Law!”
“I am Divine Law! I do all, what is reasonable, good and appropriate!”

31. We know, that for Religions of East, for example for over billion people of Muslim world, the Level of Law is a basic Level of Religion and Mystics, which is called Shariat, the Collection of Law and Rules leading to understanding Divine Law, with which the Highest Person experiences people and creatures. After that, after Understanding and Recognition of Divine Law there is a level of Mystic Way, that leads to the Truth and far more to the Manifestation of God. Without Law recognition there is no possibility in meditating or mystical Manifestation. Similarly, Buddha says that a basis of religion and Mystics is Dharma the Study of Good, Everlasting Divine Law. And traditional Veda , Sacred knowledge, Yoga and Tantra says about Principle, the essence of Law, which RTA (Rita, Ryta) is, the Rule of Repayment, the Rule of Return so the LAW, the Essence of Law3, which can be described and comment in the form of Behavior Rules, which makes DHARMAH!

32. Meditation on two syllables RTA (In Sanskrit letter R is a separate syllable) and studying Dharma makes the basis, the essence of first class of Yoga and Tantra which leads a man to Loving the Truth, Light, Justice and Probity which is described and recommended in all religious and hermetic Scriptures of the world. Before a man really gains the state of a Sage, Law Master and Truth described by one confirming phrase like for example: “I am the Law, everything I do is reasonable, good and appropriate”, he will has to explore and study a lot in order to feel and understand and use the Rule of Order in practice. About this rule Sufi Sages of Persia used to said: Ya Qaher! When Jesus Christ says his famous sentence:” A human son is a person so fluent in divine law, that he’s a Lord of Law, he establishes it and puts it into effect because of perfect recognition of Everlasting Rule. The same work Sabat in this sentence meant the whole Sacred Law of Saturday manifested in Decalogue where Sabat/Saturday is a Holy Symbol of God’s Rules and the whole Philosophy of establishing Law in every Age of Platoon Year or whole Kali Yuga Age.

33. We can hope that all reflections and directions will be used by intelligent, clever people in order to reforming and civilizing whole law system or rather visible injustice which takes place in many allegedly civilized countries of so called West. Humanity is a very precious value of the people, who think about Common Good of whole society and civilization, and our studies given to shine with the Light of the Truth throughout the whole coming up Aquarius Age, next 2 thousands years of humanity existence, and now we have only the day-break of the Aquarius Age, like the beginning of Himalaya Studies glamour, preceding total Sunrise which will be brought by next decades and next century! It’s a reflection given to all generations, a shape of knowledge about Law, how to explore and study the Knowledge of the Law of Repayment, Punishment and Divine Prize. Blessed everyone, who spreads this deep reflection on humanizing so far heartless, medieval justice administration, judicature and the judge office. Plenty of Blessings!

Swami Baba Lalit Mohan G.K.

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