Statement on case of Irena Barcz,
persecuted by pedophile mafia in Poland.

Irena Barcz is a therapist helping victims of pedophiles, yoga and relaxation instructor, organizer of classes for victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Since 1999 she has been persecuted and victimized on account of her membership in the Anti-pedophile Himavanti Confraternity Order, Hindu religious minority in Poland.  As a member of the group she was working as a therapist of paedophile victims and also actively promoting yoga relaxation in Poland.

From 1982 for many years she worked as a teacher of biology and chemistry in a primary school. She was involved in organizing sociotherapy workshops for youths. She was constantly improving her professional qualifications by attending in specialized courses and graduating in 2002 Postgraduate Studies in Correctional Pedagogics. Since 1995 she has been studying Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda (Bhaishajya yoga), Laya yoga, Raja Yoga and relaxation methods.  Since 1998 she is actively promoting and teaching Ayurveda all around Poland giving speeches and organizing classes for victims of violence and paedophile. She is also engaged in unconventional healing and psychotherapy, especially helping alcoholics, people suffering from depression on other common problems of modern society.

Irena Barcz was holding therapies for victims of pedophiles, including special groups of people sexually abused in childhood by catholic priests and nuns. She worked with youngsters from alcoholic families in Alcoholic Addiction Treatment Center in Bydgoszcz. From May 2002 she is president of  General Assembly of Anti-pedophile Himavanti Confraternity Order which unite dozen thousands victims of pedophile catholic priests, victims of family sexual abuse, victims forced to prostitute in brothels for pedophiles by pedophile gangs in Poland, which are one of the largest problem in Polish society.

Particularly widespread problem of is pedophilia by Catholic clergy, carefully concealed, where victims of pedophile priests in Poland are generally repressed and condemned also by the police, prosecutors and political system of clerical extremely religious country which Poland is since 1989, moving towards a model of the Iranian regime, where full power is in hands of morally corrupted clergy, and political decisions take the episcopate.

Since 1996 Mohan Ryszard Matuszewski and Anti-pedophile Himavanti Brotherhood are facing strong repressions and persecutions from pedophiles and a pedophile mafia as well as from people opposed  to the application of effective therapies for victims of sexual harassment and rape taken from the Eastern philosophical systems (among others Yoga and Meditation) - Dominican Information Center, the Pauline Order of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa, Opus Dei, and recently some of the media in Poland (TVN, Polsat, Newspapers and NEWSWEEK, Gazeta Wyborcza, Kulisy, FAKT, Zycie Warszawy) using the method of the medieval Inquisition to combat ideological minorities, and especially their leaders. A particular object of hatred are the organizations involved in the disclosure of pedophile crimes and in  aiding to victims of pedophile gangs and brothels, or combating the production of child pornography.

Mohan Ryszard Matuszewski was imprisoned several times in the custody of Poland in the years 1999-2008, and today is haunted by the pedophilia gangs, including the pedophile mafia ruled by Tadeusz Mynarski, Bozena Anna Matejko Rewald and Anna Kokocha Gierej from Bydgoszcz. Prison and judicial authorities in totally corrupted Poland disallowed anyone from contacting him, any correspondence to him was lost or severely censored, all visits and vegetarian food packages were forbidden, and all that on behalf of the pedophile mafia gangsters. Ryszard Mohan Matuszewski was repeatedly beaten on the police hearings (eg, in Czestochowa, Bydgoszcz and Warsaw), he was forced to cease therapeutic and spiritual activities and to confess to acts he did not commit. In Bydgoszcz arrest in Fordon, Ryszard Matuszewski was tortured and starved, after beating he did not receive food for 18 days! But he survived tortures commissioned by the pedophile gang of Mynarski and Matejko who wanted him dead.

Many leaders of the Antipedophile Himavanti Brotherhood gone through serious and "boorish" questioning by the Central Investigation Bureau, whose task is to eliminate all movement opposing pedophilia in Poland, also incest pedophilia.  Pedophile gangs and also priests producing child pornography are interested in stopping dislosure of truth about the scale of pedophile crimes carried out against children in Poland. As we know, Poland is a world leader in the production and trade of child pornography. Irena Barcz exposed herself to the owners of lucrative illegal pedophile brothels network in Bydgoszcz, who also organized the trafficking in human beings, that is, sales of single mothers and children to Arab brothels via Israel, for what these pedophile gangsters were deported to Poland in July 2002. Thanks to Irena Barcz dozens of policemen involved in pedophile business has been tracked down and  punished over the past years. Job of therapist is mainly to encourage victims of pedophile gangs to speak loudly about the crimes that have been made on them, often helping to publish data on pedophiles with political immunity from so-called the upper classes.

Irena Barcz received numerous death threats and threats of destruction of the whole Antipedophile Himavanti Brotherhood and all other therapists carrying help to people molested and raped in childhood sexual perverts and also pedophile priests. In April 2003 Irena's apartment in Bydgoszcz which also is the headquarters of the General Assembly of  the Antipedophile Himavanti Brotherhood, was besieged by the secret police (14-15 policemen). It was a revenge commissioned by the pedophile gang of Mynarski, Matejko and Kokocha-Gierej, for informing the Israeli police about the selling of single women with children to Arab brothels via Israel. Similar actions have already taken place among the other leaders and therapists conducting support groups for victims of pedophilia in Poland. The apartment has been completely looted and demolished.

The police took a lot of documents about the victims of pedophilia and their relations on specific sexual perverts in the region of Bydgoszcz, and also documents on organization of the Antipedophile Himavanti Brotherhood, including address list of all the victims of pedophile priests and a program of workshops conducted and a list of therapists helping the victims of pedophile priests, but in TV and local press is given deceitfully information that the arrest had no connection at all with the therapeutic or spiritual activity (relaxation, meditation).

Irena Barcz is accused (from what is known from the newspapers) of complicity in a robbery, theft and intimidation of the alleged former members of Antipedophile Himavanti Brotherhood, which is absurd slander. She fears for her life and liberty all the more that she knows the exact history of Richard Mohan Matuszewski's persecution, and how was he and is until now victimized by gangsters and pedophile prosecutors who are being paid by mafia in Poland, also by Central Investigation Bureau and the prison authorities (torture, beating, dropping down the stairs, attempted murder in custody, the administration of strong chemicals, starvation, etc.). This is undoubtedly a method which effectively eliminated dissenters during the Inquisition and the Jews during the Nazi occupation. And in recent years in Poland unpunished mafias murder witnesses giving evidence against gangs and mafia leaders in custody, which has already become a serious scandal in the judiciary RP!

Also known is history that happened in 1998 when a member of the Church of the Holy Spirit "Heaven" in Lublin was forced to commit suicide. „Heaven” also dealt with the spiritual therapies for victims harassed and raped as children by pedophile priests in Poland. Due to the strong repression, beatings, torture and rape by police officers and secret service agents associated with the Mafia, trying to force her testimony against the leader of her Church, she committed suicide, that was suggested to her by interrogators during tortures. Another factor was the breakdown of the marriage, due to police threats to kill her husband and children.

In Poland, police in the service of the Mafia is, unfortunately, everyday life. Since 2000 several dozen people were murdered in prison, stating in cases against various leaders of local gangs and mafia. Legal culture in Poland is low and the interrogation methods are still barbaric. Widespread corruption, including the corruption among the police is widespread and there is not a day without another scandal involving police corrupted by gangsters.

I do not know how long will Irena Barcz be persecuted, but we believe that united Europe including  Poland will become a community of people really free from the tight religious, philosophical and racial hatred. We dream of Poland free from pedophile mafia and corrupted by the police and prosecutors.

In a case against Mohan Ryszard Matuszewski judge privately connected with the pedophile mafia gangsters refused to even interview several witnesses proving the innocence of Richard Mohan Matuszewski, who at the date of the alleged offence could not be in Bydgoszcz, because at that time... he was interrogated by the police in Gliwice (300 miles away). Already that evidence of innocence of Ryszard Mohan Matuszewski should lead to the arrest of the prosecutors, bosses of pedophile network brothels and producers of pornography with children. However, the court in Bydgoszcz favoured only to the prosecution, knowing that they are the worst, because belong to pedophile mafia, condemned throughout the civilized world. Only in Poland victims of pedophiles are wronged by the police and courts, as well as gangsters live well, by what Poland has earned the name of basin of producers of child pornography.

Note that for 8 years (sic!) of detention in custody and without valid sentence, Mohan Ryszard Matuszewski spent only 6 months (sic!) in prison by valid court sentence for fictitious slanders stated by gangsters, without presentation of evidence of guilt, contrary to the testimony of defence witnesses, despite the protests of human rights defenders. Ryszard Matuszewski was released by the ruling of the Supreme Court, but for the mafia from Bydgoszcz it does not mean anything, pedophile gang from Bydgoszcz tries to discredit, prosecute and imprison Irena Barcz... This is Poland in the twenty-first century.

Human Rights Guard Commitee in Poland

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