Saturday, March 8, 2003

Dear Friends and Supporters!

Persecutions by special squads of undercover political police in Poland are multiplying to an extent which is unthinkable and disastrous for many people and reaches truly tragic dimensions. Recent occurrences such as a brutal assault, long torturing and an attempt to perform an extrajudicial execution of a well-known and respectable social and philosophical writer, bio-therapist and healer, ecologist, philosopher, vegetarian and spiritual leader of an ecumenical religious group of the Himavanti Confraternity Order (Bractwo Zakonne Himawanti, BZH) do not inspire us with optimism. Instead, they shock us with the degree of fascist attitudes manifested by the criminal political authority in the Republic of Poland, which, instead of giving people jobs and their daily bread, employs hundreds of political police to conduct ideological cleansings and liquidate uncomfortable writers or thinkers, who realistically criticise the economic system, evictions of people into streets, stinginess and thefts of numerous church hierarchy representatives, as well as the destruction of the Polish culture and education. Richard M., also known under the pen name Mohan-Ji, was brutally assaulted and mugged, as well as suffered permanent injuries from the hands of police twice, in March and in April 2002 in Gliwice, and so far no institution representing the Spokesman for Human Rights has shown any intention to defend the writer and ecologist against the criminal excesses of policemen, who by means of these violent acts try to force Richard M. to cease writing, criticising the crimes committed by political authorities, corruption, evictions. They try to prevent him from propagating ecumenical teachings of all religions, as well as organising ecological protests.

What actions of Richard M. have caused the anger of the political organs? Richard M. sharply criticises and expresses his protest against the participation of Poland in unlawful aggression on other countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, he protests against environment pollution as well as the protection for the polluters offered by law, he protests against evictions into the streets, he protests against depriving people of the right to unemployment benefit (2.6 m people). He demands a decrease in exorbitant taxes, he objects to unjustified and malicious attacks on natural medicine, herbal therapy and biotherapy, which have been recognised as effective healing methods for thousands of years, also by WHO. Moreover, he protests against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. He expresses his opposition and he organises protestations against vilifying and libelling denominational minorities in Poland, he has frequently opposed the campaigns of denigration launched publicly against minorities by malicious and inconsiderate mass-media and various bigots and fundamentalists. It is very essential that Richard M is involved in helping victims persecuted by the police and victims of sexual molestation, including the victims of rapes by priests-paedophiles, he has also contributed to publicising crimes of this sort. In addition, He writes articles and books on frauds committed by political organs. Moreover, he propagates a Universal Message of Peace and Love, revealing the way in which it is manifested in basically each important religious system.

The assault and kidnapping of Mohan-Ji on 15 August, 2002 in Gdynia by undercover political police functioning under the name Central Investigation Bureau (Centralne Biuro Sledcze, CBS) was a revenge for the above mentioned activities. In the assault was cruelly bludgeoned, shot and poisoned, so that in the course of the next three days, from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning he was in the state of clinical death. Bandits called policemen attempted to perform an extrajudicial execution by shooting helpless Mohan-Ji, and then a police “doctor” injected him with poison, as a result of which he almost died. Apparently his interest in natural medicine, healing, as well as healthy, vegetarian lifestyle and mental endurance developed by spiritual meditations and prayers prevented him from dying. Consequently, Richard M. miraculously avoided death and he survived the torturing and poisoning as well as the atrocious attempt at execution. The plan of police bandits to assassinate Richard M. fell through, although in spite of atrocious torturing by the Gdańsk CBS police squads, the Polish gestapo, he was also brutally beaten when under arrest in Białołęka near Warsaw, where he was kidnapped. A healing clinic and ecological Centre in Gdynia was devastated and ruined and a woman that accompanied him, Majka S., was brutally raped by CBS policemen, and she disappeared never to be heard of again. As she was a supporter of the BZH group, she was probably murdered by Central Investigation Office workers after the rape. They also stole a large sum of money, computers, all equipment and materials used in BZH activities, especially publishing, social and political. The band of police gangsters also conducted searches without search warrants and robberies in BZH Centre in Gliwice, which became totally devastated, and the Centre Supervisor was brutally assaulted in the street and beaten by CBS. At the same time the CBS police gestapo squads plundered a few BZH Centres in Częstochowa, and they also made illegal visitations in the houses of Richard M.’s friends, intimidating them, threatening them with imprisonment, persecution and ruining their personal life. Many persons are still in shock after this brutal treatment. CBS bandits also intimidated Richard M.‘s wife, forcing her brutally to leave her husband. No protocols were drawn up of illegal searches and robberies, and the materials, computers, valuables, money, even books that were stolen in this way are lawlessly held by Central Investigation Office in order to prevent both BZH and Richard M. and his friends from conducting any sort of activities. Dozens of people were treated particularly cruelly and they immediately protested against the imprisonment of Richard M. without any legal basis for such actions, as, in theory, according to the Polish Constitution, putting people in prisons for the beliefs they propagate is prohibited (Art. 54.1). Unfortunately it is only a theory, and the criminal and truly fascist practices of the Polish gestapo testify to a different reality.

At the end of August 2002 Richard M. was driven to a well-known detention house at Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw, Mokotów district. As a vegetarian, he was viciously starved and tortured there. For six weeks he did not receive any food whatsoever, and the staff of that gestapo centre hoped that the vegetarian would die. They did not allow his friends to bring him food, they refused him the right to a forensic examination, they kept him together with gangsters collaborating with CBS who continued to torture him, burnt his body with a lighter, brutally beat him, kicked him, and, on behalf of CBS, they attempted to execute him by hanging him in the cell. There have already been a couple of cases where businessmen kept in that detention house, which in fact is a concentration camp, were hanged, and articles concerning this have appeared in the press. Richard M. was also brutally insulted by TV, radio, press, amongst others: Kulisy, FiM, Radio Zet, TVP and others. Why doesn’t anyone want to rectify the lies about Richard M. and BZH circulated by mass media, which serve the criminal government?

After over half a year of drastic treatment in the police chamber of tortures belonging to the fascist regime of the Republic of Poland, Richard M. was released from the illegal arrest, where no investigation whatsoever was conducted and no procedures were applied, and so far no protocol has been drawn up of the illegal confiscation of property belonging to Mohan-Ji and BZH in Gliwice and Gdynia. Richard M. was released under the pressure of national as well as international protests, the solidarity of foreign Committees for the Defence of Human Rights from Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Israel, and friends from Poland, as in Poland the institution of the Spokesman for Citizen Rights, or the Helsinki Committee are merely governmental dummies, which never dare to provide support or basic protection for persecuted political prisoners. Instead, they are only involved in sanctioning and hushing up gestapo-like crimes of CBS police, committed in lots of well-known cases. Richard M. was officially released on account of his health problems, high risk of death under arrest, heart problems due to claustrophobia which he developed as a result of threats of execution in the tiny cells of the Mokotów lager for political prisoners of the III RP. Richard M. was brutally deprived of all property, even electricity at his flat was cut off, he still remains under illegal house arrest and he has a duty to report to the Warsaw police every two weeks, having to cover the costs of commuting to Warsaw. This is the way in which the authorities of Republic of Poland treat a writer, poet, ecologist, healer, philosopher, a leader of pacifist, ecumenical thinkers’ community and a well-known defender of those who are poor, unemployed, have no rights to unemployment benefits, and those evicted into the street by the political system.

The criminal, terrorist CBS action, in which Richard M. was to be murdered, though he miraculously survived, was conducted and supervised by Public Prosecutor Piotr Woźniak from the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, as well as inspector Marek Durbacz representing political police called Central Investigation Office. These two persons are the main authors of untrue slanders and lies concerning Richard M. and BZH, propagated by TV, radio, press. They are also the authors of the gestapo pogrom of the community of Himavanti Confraternity Order. Neither The Minister of Justice and the Main Commanding Police Officer, nor the Prime Minister and President reacted to the lawlessness of actions conducted by the truly fascist spec-services of the regime. A number of persons who are agents and collaborators of the Polish gestapo from Częstochowa and other cities, amongst others: Jadwiga K. and Janusz G., Witold B., Anna P., Elżbieta R. (Gliwice), Tadeusz I.-D. and Bożena M. (Kraków), Katarzyna and Rafał M. (Chorzów), Waldemar and Rafał K., Julian M., Joanna K. (all these people are CBS agents paid to destroy the political opposition, religious minorities, ecologists, healers and other people whom the political authorities find uncomfortable). A broader description of the entire story, as well as its continuation, including lots of drastic details will soon be available in the book edition.

If you have a sensitive heart and financial means at your disposal, you can help all the victims of criminal persecutions conducted against the people who have the courage to propagate their beliefs by paying at least a small donation into the account provided in the headline of this leaflet. The account is in the care of a person who is publicly trusted and involved in providing aid to all the victims of this persecution. If you have a human heart, you can also help the most injured person, Richard M, pen name Mohan-Ji, who is awaiting a long medical treatment, complicated operations, including a heart operation due to injuries and damages suffered in the course of these medieval, truly inquisitorial tortures, by paying small amounts of money straight into his bank account. He is a victim of the policemen, who took away all his savings during searches and debited all the money from his account in the time that he spent under arrest, who confiscated all his ATM cards, and within half a year which he spent in detention, he was not able to pay his rent. Surprisingly, he was also charged with the payment of utilities in the Centre where he had previously lived, for the period in which he was under arrest.

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